Roland Birr’s international journey studying and learning about all aspects of wine began in the 1980’s. His highly developed and passionate attraction to the variations of soil, nature, and the world’s cultures, along with a strong drive to understand the essence of these relationships, sent him to South Africa, Mexico, California, Bordeaux and Germany.

Today, a well-known oenologist throughout the world, Roland is the face of leading family-owned wineries and wine businesses in France, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South America. Three decades of international experience in the production, marketing and trading of wine have shaped his global and international understanding of the wine world. He travels the globe teaching and training professionals in the wine trade, culinary field and journalists about pairing regional culinary specialties with wines of the world. Roland’s various wine projects and seminars are dedicated to the terroir, regionality and the passion that goes into wine making of not only classic but lesser known wine-growing areas. As a result, he constantly pursues and discovers exceptional wine experiences. These exclusive selections can be found on our Online Shop.

Roland’s authentic culinary-focused and demystifying wine presentations are not only educational but entertaining. He calls this “Edutainment.“ These unique and exciting events are held all over the globe under the banner of his trademark:

The Fifth Quarter - Wine & Food Edutainment

The Fifth Quarter is also his own wine label on select and well-known bottles of top growth, terroir- focussed wines, which are exclusively bottled as magnums and 5 liter bottles for a designated and upmarket client base.

„The Fifth Quarter“ is … larger than life!