The Fifth Quarter International Ltd., provides wine and food-based services designed to increase the breadth, knowledge and excitement that culinary experiences lend. With our vast international expertise and our extensive history in this area we offer “up-to-date” marketing and expert presentations of wine & food for corporate businesses, trade companies, wine producers, gastronomy and private clientele

- incentives
- team building
- product marketing
- competence marketing by events
- extending corporate presence

The range includes professional “edutaining” presentation at gala-diners, customer-events, and food & wine workshops in both informal and grand settings.

Our passionate dedication pays homage to the authenticity and simplicity of culinary delights, while at the same time celebrating the colorful and thrilling intercultural world of wine and food. This is a reflection of our utmost respect for the values of different cultures.

„The Fifth Quarter“ is … larger than life!