“The Fifth Quarter” is the embodiment of the extra-mile one goes to excel above the ordinary.

“The Fifth Quarter’s” passionate dedication pays homage to the authenticity and simplicity of culinary delights, while at the same time celebrating the colorful and thrilling intercultural world of wine and food.

“The Fifth Quarter” is a reflection of our utmost respect for the values of different cultures.

Chefs around the world working with meat use the term “The Fifth Quarter” to describe the innards of an animal being the part, which gives life to a body; creating a soul and individual charisma.

“The Fifth Quarter” stands for the extraordinary … for the outstanding.

The focal point of Roland’s creativity is the marriage of wine & food, reflecting the union of regional flavors and cultures. Engaging in the eating and drinking habits of people brings about a profound understanding of different cultures. The national dish of a country, the culinary specialties and wines of a region says more about its inhabitants and their customs than most scholarly studies and history books combined. Tasting regional specialties and wines teaches a great deal about the traditions and history of a country, its characteristics, and even its intellectual values. People, food and wine are equally influenced and marked by their environment. They go hand in hand. All of Roland’s winemaking partners live and work by this philosophy and as a result belong to the internationally recognized top classes of wine producers in their regions.

„The Fifth Quarter“ is … larger than life!